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History of Curling in Northumberland

Curling in Cobourg - 1860

Curling has deep roots in the Northumberland area. While there are rumours of the game being played outdoors for a time prior to 1859 (see photo) these are unsubstantiated as there is no recorded proof available at this time. We do know however that Curling began in Cobourg in the 1860’s, operating on numerous outdoor rinks, including two on the Factory Creek pond. There were seven outdoor rinks overall in Cobourg at the time.

The Waverly Curling Club on Queen

The first covered rink on James Street in Cobourg burned down in 1880. Several other rinks opened and closed over the years until the Queen Street Curling Rink (presently Lakeshore Electric) was built. After a temporary closure during the Second World War it reopened in 1952 as the Waverly Curling Club again. (photo to left - 1930 Burden Trophy winners, Ontario Tankard, from CDI)

Cobourg Golf & Curling Club - 1960

In 1960 a new rink was built for curling at the corner of Elgin and Division and remained the home of the Cobourg Curling Club until 1974. A car dealership took over the curling rink at that time while a subdivision made short work of the Cobourg Golf Course.

Dalewood Golf and Curling Club - 1974 - 2010

In 1974 the Port Hope Golf Course, the Cobourg Golf Course on Elgin and the Cobourg Curling Club on Elgin amalgamated and began a 36 year history in what was known as the Dalewood Golf and Curling Club. The move included ice making equipment like the rocks, scraper and other portable items of curling equipment. The last year of operation at Dalewood had 208 registered members.

The West Northumberland Curling Club - 2010

In the summer of 2010 curlers were informed that there would be no curling at Dalewood for the 2010/2011 season, in part due to hard financial times. A small group of dedicated individuals banded together, their prime objective to ensure that curling in Northumberland  would continue. Leasing its former rink from Dalewood, the club membership grew to 251 members and continues to grow with each season. The WNCC looks forward to many long years of curling in the Northumberland area! 

The West Northumberland Curling Club - 2011 - Present

In the spring of 2011 the WNCC embarked on a long term arrangement with the Town of Cobourg to lease the vacant Jack Heenan Arena for use as its new curling home. The new WNCC offers curling to all community groups in its new 5 sheet facility. In its first year at the Jack Heenan Arena the WNCC registered 381 members! 

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