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Some Instructions on How to Register Online


Hello new and returning members.  Below is a set of instructions that we hope will successfully guide you through our online registration process.  If you encounter any problems at all please contact our registrar at registrar@wncc.ca. Online registration begins August 1 each year.


Learn to Curl– For 2018/19 the registration process for Learn to Curl is separate from the league registration process  Please contact operations@wncc.ca for Learn to Curl registration information or attend one of our registration/information sessions in late September.  You may register for league curling before or after the course is over but at that time some leagues will be full.  Tuesday Morning Men, Friday Night 7:15/9:00 and Sunday Recreational should have room.

1. New WNCC Members… welcome to the WNCC!  If this is your first time registering with us, when you are ready to register please go to our home page and click on the New Member Sign-up tab (under the Join the Club tab) in the menu bar. The registration form will appear and you can now use these registration instructions starting at step 7 below.  Each curler must complete and submit a registration form.  You can also attend one of our registration sessions (Sept. 20 & 25, 6:30 to 8:00) for help registering.

2. Returning WNCC Members - do not register using the New Member Sign-up tab.… you will need your Login and Password to register online. This is the easiest way of registering.. If you have lost or forgotten your Login or Password then go to our Home Page, click on Login and then click on Send My User Name and Password to my Email Address.  The system sends the information to the email address you used to register with last season so if your email address has changed you will not receive the information.  Please email us directly at registrar@wncc.ca if the system does not send your information to your current email address.

3. So now what do I do?  Log in of course! Go to our Home Page -> select Login from the menu -> type in your Login and Password and select Submit.

4. Right… what next?  select the Members+ tab where you will see Renew Membership!

5. What Next?  You are there… you should see info that you typed in last year (or we did for you, although we’d like you all to complete this section on your own). Check this info to ensure its accuracy.

6. And...?  This is the part where you get to sign up for another great year at the WNCC.

7. Section 1 - Enter Contact Details: Do I need an email address or birthday?  You do if you want to hear from us… all sorts of good things about the WNCC… but we’d also like to make it mandatory so if you don’t have one please use a curling buddy or other family member’s email address. Birthday simply helps us make sure that you’re playing in the right leagues… and also with demographics when it comes time to attracting sponsors.

8. What are these mandatory release and waiver things?  They are mandatory… read them first – there are hazards and risks associated with slippery hard ice surfaces and heavy curling rocks.  Check them or your registration will not go through. 

9. WOW… that’s a big area.. that Registration Selection?  We can only say, “read the instructions carefully” to avoid delays or disappointments in your registration process. Check off only the leagues you want to register in. You will need to check off at least one round button that tells us you are an Adult or Junior, or later in the form if you are a Social or Associate or Introduction to Curling Member… then the square ones that tell us what leagues you want to play in. If you run into problems please re-read the instructions as they are there to help you.  Note that the League Data tab on the Home Page left menu bar contains a table that shows whether a league is full.

10. How does this “assign” thing work?  Example. Monday night - Skips Choice: If you want to play second then enter your name in the seconds rectangle, then enter the word “assign”  in each of the other three rectangles. You’ll be “drafted” as a second!  

Sparing in leagues is free to members but you must select the Sparing box so that we know to send you special instructions on how to complete the online sparing database.

11. Options and Options… what are these?  This is the section that calculates your dues… check off only those that apply… this won’t take long but it is critical that you get it right… read the instructions – there should be one and only one Additional Registration Option that applies to your specific league situation!  Also, if you want a locker you must select the appropriate request box in this section.

12. Do I have to check the accuracy button if I am not sure of something I have done?  Yes… it’s the only way to get to the second page of the registration!  Note that this section also provides payment instructions.

13. OK… now what?  If you are finished completing this section click on the Validate Registration and Calculate Fee button… it will take you to page two, which looks almost identical to page one...

14. Hey I just filled this in. What’s this?  If you made some obvious errors (for example: did not provide all mandatory information) the system will let you know through red error messages at the top of the page – please correct and then click the Validate button again. If no error messages you will notice that it lists $0 all the way down the side…until that is, you get to the spot where it says Total Discounts. It’s not really a discount, but just the way the program adds things up. If the Total Registration Cost shown is $80.00 then you did not complete instruction #11 (above) correctly so please go back and select the appropriate option.  

15. So I’m done, right?  Not quite… there are three buttons at the bottom of this page… not sure about you but Start Again doesn’t seem like a wise option!… so if you have some changes to make then simply press the Go Back to Revise Form button. However if you feel everything is in order then all you need do now is press the Complete Registration button. OK… do it now and please note that you are not registered until you press this button!  Once you press the Complete Registration button you can no longer change your registration so if you want to change (like adding another league) you must contact the registrar who will make the change for you.

16. Are we there yet?  Almost… what we’d like you to do now is click on Print and Email Registration Receipt. You will then be contacted from the system within 72 hours (as long as you have correctly entered your email address ) with confirmation about the amount owing.

17. How do I know when I am officially confirmed and when do I get to pay?  The first registration confirmation will be an auto-reply from the system. Please wait for confirmation from our WNCC Registrar before submitting your payment. As soon as you get your confirmation from the WNCC Registrar you can then make one cheque out to WNCC . You can mail it to us, or drop the chequesin the secure mailbox at the club entrance (inside on the office door) or hand in during a registration date (September 20 & 25, 6:30 to 8:00).   My advice would be to make sure you have secured a spot in your league and get your registration and cheques in asap… and encourage your team mates to do the same!  The system will not allow your conveners to put you on a team until your payment has been processed.

Remember, if you have any questions about the registration process please email registrar@wncc.ca.


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