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The West Northumberland Curling Club offers a comprehensive 5-lesson “Learn to Curl” program (see below).  The program is offered on Wednesdays in a number of different time slots (morning, afternoon, evening) to allow for individual availability.  The WNCC provides the necessary curling equipment to get everyone started.  

Want to start curling in a league right away and also take the Learn to Curl program?  Consider attending our 1.5 hour free session on Wednesday October 11 to gain some familiarity with curling before your league curling starts.

Participants, with some experience, may register to play in a club league while taking a 5-lesson program.  We encourage new players to complete a 5-lesson program before joining a club league.  In either case, the $85.00 (includes HST) fee will be credited towards the league fee.  Space permitting, and for those who do not join a WNCC league, the cost of the 5-lesson program is $85.00.  Registration for Learn to Curl may be done at either of two registration sessions (October 22 and 29, 7 to 8:30 pm) or at either of the two league information/registration nights (September 21 and 26, 6:30 to 8:30).

For more information contact operations@wncc.ca.  

 Lesson 1

* Introduction to the WNCC *

(Orientation - Tour of facility)

* Introduction to curling *

(Clothing - Equipment - Game objectives - Ice)

Lesson 2

* Fundamentals of Delivery *

(Hack position - Basic delivery - Slide, etc.)

Lesson 3

* Delivery and More *

(Delivery - Grip - Rotation - Line, etc.)

Lesson 4

* The finishing touches *

(Brushing - Basic tactics, etc.)

Lesson 5

* Putting it all together *

(Play a 4-end game)


Lesson 1 does not involve any time spent on the ice.  Lessons 2, 3 & 4 are spent ½ off & ½ on the ice.



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